Alliances In order to provide legal services of international quality and to support the success of its Clients

RCA has, for almost a decade, an alliance with the law firm “BN Advogados de Macau”

Lisboa, Portugal (06.06.2007)

Both law firms provide regular and corporate legal advisory services in a concerted fashion, with a view to render top quality services to their respective Clients.

This alliance represents a step in RCA expansion abroad and aims to reinforce the firm’s scope of action with regard to international transactions for Clients incorporated in Macau, Spain, Portugal, and the remaining Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking countries.

BN Advogados is mostly active in the provision of legal advisory services in Public Law (contracting with the public sector, public and private partnerships), Company Law, Commercial Law and Mergers & Acquisitions, Tax (tax litigation), Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright Law, Advertising and Consumption, Sports Law, Tourism and Accommodation, and Property Development and Construction.

For RCA, and inter alia, the selection of this particular partner owes to the fact that BN Advogados is a well-established law firm that provides legal advisory services of international standard, supporting the success of its Clients.

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